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"The dates are delicious. Very soft and sweet taste. Once you buy these Dalia Sukkary dates you' ll never buy other dates again."
"Awesome products!
I use the date spreads for baking.
I recommend them to everyone."

Caramel-like fruit from the oasis

Every Yogi & Yousef date that you enjoy is from the Dalia Sukkary family. A relatively unknown date variety that grows in an oasis in the vast deserts of Saudi Arabia. 

Dalia Sukkary dates owe their softness to early picking and are a speciality fruit. We promise you, you won’t find any natural caramel flavour like this in the world. Let us layout some more details about our dates!

100% natural, full of nutrients

Dalia Sukkary dates contain more-than-average nutrients compared to any conventional dates. Because of the furtile oasis and unique variety, these desert fruits contains vitamins, fibres and no less than 9 minerals – such as magnesium, calcium, manganese and potassium.

The high content of micronutrients makes these dates a perfect snack for on the go or as a core ingredient for plant based pastries.

Every single date

At Yogi & Yousef, every single date that grows on our palms is used. The most beautiful ones make it to your home in their natural form. From the ones with the most beautiful character, we make tasty date spreads and caramel sweet syrup.

With our no-waste policy, we want to ensure that we contribute to a more sustainable food industry that cares for more than just plain profits.

At the farm with Yogi & Yousef

The oasis

To fully understand what makes our dates so special, we have to give you a little bit of background. Like real Champagne grapes can only be produced from grapes that grow in a certain region in France, our Dalia Sukkay dates only grow in a specific region in Saudi Arabia called Al Qasim. 

Like many other specialty products, our dates differ from other date varieties in taste, texture and production methods. Our dates are similar to champagne grapes which can only be harvested by hand at specific times of their riping process. Our dates are picked one by one and way earlier some regular date types.

Free shipment Benelux & Germany

from € 50,-

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