Fresh dates extra soft – box 750 gram
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Fresh dates extra soft – box 750 gram


Yogi’s favorite date. A box full of extra soft creamy dates for at home.

More than 10 essential minerals, as well as vitamins, proteins and fiber.

100% natural and free of any additives

Package contains between 38-48 dates (depending on weight per date)

Best before date 5 months (3-7˚C)


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Yogi’s favorite date. 750 gram extra soft, fresh and delicious sweet dates. These dates are very nutritious: they contain more than 10 essential minerals, as well as vitamins, proteins and fiber. The color of the dates can differ depending whether the dates grow on the inside or outside of the bunch and the soil conditions of the palm.

Therefore one date can be a bit darker than the other. Because our dates are picked fresh from the palm trees, you will not find any insects, since insects only like dried dates. No Medjoul or Deglet Nour, but Dalia Sukkary dates. A unique variety of dates that only grow in the fertile oases of the Arabian desert. Here the soil is rich in nutrients. What makes this type of date so attractive is the sweetness, softness, and creamy caramel flavor. You will immediately understand this once you taste the date.

When consuming 2 dates a day, you have at least a month’s supply.

How to use?

These extra soft dates are mainly used as a healthy responsible snack. Good for children, pregnant women and the elderly. Athletes consume these dates as an energy boost. The dates can be sliced and used in a breakfast with yogurt or oatmeal. Request our free digital recipe booklet via the recipe page.

Additional information:

Weight 0.750 kg

Additional information

Weight 0.750 kg