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What is the best way to store the dates?

The dates can be kept for 5 months when kept refrigerated (between 3-7 ° C degrees). Especially the extra soft dates should really be kept refrigerated to guarantee the best quality. This is because the extra soft date contains a higher WA value (higher water activity). As a result, the extra soft dates lose quality faster if they are not cooled.

The dates can be kept for 10 weeks in a normal storage cupboard or cellar, but this will of course expire at higher temperatures. Another tip: if you don’t have space in the fridge, you can also freeze our dates!

Are Yogi & Yousef sustainable?

We have a zero waste policy and ensure that we contribute to a sustainable food industry that cares about more than just making a profit.

  • Yogi & Yousef are currently working on making date cultivation in Saudi Arabia more sustainable, by, among other things, reducing water wastage.
  • The entire harvest is used, no waste. We make delicious date paste, healthy snacks and date syrup from the damaged dates.
  • In 2020 we switched to bioplastic for all our share boxes. We aim for plastic-free 2021.
  • We share our dates with people who cannot afford buying, sharing is caring!
  • Our snack boxes and share boxes are packed at a social workplace.
  • We have ECO CERT certified farmers in Saudi Arabia.
  • Most workshops are run by women in Saudi Arabia.

What makes the Dalia Sukkary date so special?

Yogi & Yousef Dates are 100% natural. Unprocessed, free from additives and without added sugars. It is an extra soft date with a caramel, nutty flavor. Yogi & Yousef dates grow in a fertile oasis in the Arabian desert and contain many nutrients including Vit. A, B1, B2, C, K & essential minerals (up to 5x more than regular dates). This is because of the soil in which they grow, the way we treat our dates and because we cool the dates after picking. 

Do Yogi & Yousef dates contain insects?

Insects only lay eggs in dried dates. To prevent insects from getting into our dates, we pick them when they are soft (this is also the moment at which the dates have the best taste). After picking, we immediately cool them to keep them fresh. This ensures that the insects do not find it interesting to lay eggs in our dates.

Where is the name Yogi & Yousef derived from?

Yogi is from the Netherlands and Yousef is from Saudi Arabia. The two meet each other on a flower auction in the Netherlands in 2010. The collaboration soon paid off. Read more about our story here.

Where do Yogi & Yousef dates originated?

A fertile dessert in Saudi Arabia. 

How come that the dates differ in color?

Dates can differ in color. After all, the date is a purely natural product and each date is unique. One of the most important factors for the color is the location where it grows in the palm tree. But also the moment of picking and the position of the date in the cluster. On the outside of the truss the dates get a slightly lighter color, on the inside a bit darker. All these factors literally and figuratively add color to our Yogi & Yousef dates. Despite the difference in color, there is no difference in quality. The Yogi & Yousef date remains just as deliciously sweet and soft!

How many calories does a date have?

More or less 29 calories per date.

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