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Dalia Sukkary dates

Maybe dates are new for you or maybe you are a real date fanatic, either way: we appreciate you for being here to learn more about our company & our products. 

Our dates go by the name of Dalia Sukkary. They are soft, juicy and have an unique caramel taste. They grow in Saudi Arabia and are packed in the Netherlands.
We have a zero waste policy. The dates that don’t make it to the box are gently squeezed into pastes and syrups. The perfect natural sweetener for (pan) cakes & treats. Check them out here. 

Friends with benefits

Our dates are as fresh as can be. Not dried, as many people think. We pick them straight from the tree and keep them cool until they arrive in your hands. Dates are super fruits, they contain an alphabet of vitamins and a lot of fibres and minerals. Eating three dates a day can be beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. Want to know more? Continue reading.

Fruit of Friendship

Our dates are the sweet connection between East & West. It’s our friendships mission to create a healthy and honest way of looking at things. Being open to the unknown.
Dates are the perfect product for that mission. They may look different compared to other fruits but they are sweet, healthy and good for you. Just like friends.
Don’t take sweets from strangers, eat fruits from friends 😉 


Dates can be eaten at every moment of the day. In a smoothie, as an addition to your yoghurt, as a naturel sweetener in cakes & treats or as a healthy snack trough-out your day. Get inspired by our recipes here.

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Free shipment Benelux & Germany

from € 50,-

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