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Fresh dates filled with walnuts 750gr

Article number: 660029

Contents: 750 gram

Short Description

The perfect snack! 750 grams of deliciously fresh dates, soft and sweet with a creamy caramel flavour. Now filled with a walnut!

The fresh Dalia Sukkary dates that Yogi & Yousef pick is a relatively unknown breed from Saudi Arabia. The texture is buttery, they are nice and smooth and have a creamy caramel taste. In addition, they are particularly nutritious: they contain no less than 10 essential minerals, but also vitamins, proteins and fibers. In ancient times people survived on these fruits in the desert!

Ideal to use as a healthy snack.

Note: To ensure the quality of our dates, we do not ship our dates / date products when the weather conditions are 27 degrees or higher. Your order will be shipped on the next business day after the temperatures are under 27 degrees again.

  • 100% natural dates
  • Zero-waste and environmentally friendly policies
  • Easy to order & Fast shipping

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Our extra soft dates are sweet, smooth and juicy. The taste, smoothness and soft texture make these the most popular Yogi & Yousef dates. They are enjoyed in the morning or as a healthy snack or for baking.

Our dates come straight from the palm tree and have an unique caramel-like taste. They are not treated with any post harvest chemicals, conservatives or additives and are full of nutrients: fibres, vitamins and essential minerals. Because these dates are extra soft, we recommend keeping them chilled. You can also freeze these dates.


  • Full of nutrients
  • Free from additives
  • Low glycemic index
  • Raw Vegan


Morning The perfect start for you and your tummy. Eat 1-3 date(s) 10 to 15 minutes before taking breakfast. This will start up your digestive system, protect your stomach and give you energy. For a good start of the day: add 3 dates to your meusli or yoghurt. Slowly releases energy throughout the morning.

Snack Our delicious dates now filled with a walnut. This perfect snack will give you the healthy energy boost you are looking for. 



  • Full of nutrients
  • Free from additives
  • Low glycemic index
  • Raw Vegan

Nutritional value

Nutrition information

Nutritional value per 100 gram
Energy in kcal 371 kcal
Fat 17g gr
- of which saturates 1g gr
Carbohydrate 45g gr
- of which sugars 35g gr
Protein 7g gr
Salt 0g* gr
Fibre 3g gr
Minerals per 100 gram
Calcium mg Rdi
Magnesium mg Rdi
Potassium mg Rdi
Phosphorus mg Rdi
Iron mg Rdi
Zinc mg Rdi
Copper mg Rdi
Manganese mg Rdi
Molybdenum mg Rdi


  • Full of nutrients
  • Free from additives
  • Low glycemic index
  • Raw Vegan


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  • Full of nutrients
  • Free from additives
  • Low glycemic index
  • Raw Vegan