Fresh dates snackbox
Fresh dates- 12 snack boxes x 3 dates
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Fresh dates- 12 snack boxes x 3 dates


Fresh dates for on the way. 12×3 freshly packed dates. Have your natural sugar boost box with you all day.

More than 10 essential minerals, as well as vitamins, proteins and fiber

Sustainably sourced in Saudi Arabia

100% natural without added sugars and free of any additives

Best before date 6 weeks


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Temporarily available. Fresh dates in a on the go packaging. 12x 3 packed dates with our extra soft and sweet Dalia Sukkary dates. Ideal to take to work or to eat during sports.

The Dalia Sukkary is a unique variety of dates that only grow in the fertile oases of the Arabian desert. Here the soil is rich in nutrients. What makes this type of date so attractive is the sweetness, softness, and creamy caramel flavor. You will immediately understand this once you taste the date.

How to use?

These extra soft dates are mainly used as a healthy responsible snack. Good for children, pregnant women and the elderly. Athletes consume these dates as an energy boost. With these on the go packages you wille have your natural sugar boost available all day.

Additional information:

Weight 0.4 kg

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg


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