Yogi & Yousef started their business to show that friendship between cultures, literally and figuratively, is beneficial and fruitful for everyone.

Fertile oasis

In Arabian desert

Due to the nutritious soil, Yogi & Yousef dates are full of nutrients: vitamins, fibers and more than 10 essential minerals.


Of the tree

From the palm tree Yogi & Yousef do everything themselves: picking, sorting, packing and transporting are all done based on the highest quality standards.

100% Natural

Fresh raw dates. Free of pesticides, preservatives or added sugars. We prevent insects with special and fully natural processes.


Soft & amp; sweet

Yogi & Yousef dates are deliciously soft and sweet with a unique creamy caramel flavor.


Yogi & Yousef are working on preserving dawn cultivation in Saudi Arabia, including reducing water spillage.

The whole harvest

is used

The entire harvest is used, no waste. Among the least beautiful dates we make delicious pastry paste, healthy snacks and date syrup.


in Nederland

Our snack boxes and share boxes are packed at a social the Netherlands.


Sharing with people who cannot get or buy our dates.